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Demerara Harbour bridge needs money to stay afloat

bridge 7thFor Rawlston Adams, the General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the structure can last as long as money is pumped into its maintenance. But aside from the technical soundness of the structure, Adams is of the opinion that the life of the bridge really must be seen in its efficiency – its ability to drive traffic in a smooth manner. At the moment, the efficiency of the bridge has been rated D, just about classifying it as a failure.

Adams said that much of the debate surrounding the building of a new bridge has been about the soundness of the current structure, but as far as he is concerned that is not an immediate worry.

He said that the bridge then should be rated based on its ability to take on the increasing traffic and still operate efficiently.

The new structure being contemplated is a high level bridge that will allow marine traffic to pass under, so there would be no need to close off the bridge to vehicucualr traffic as currently obtains.

As a result, the current bridge would be removed; Adams said that the 62 spans on the bridge and its other components could be re-used to in other infrastructure projects across the country, such as building bridges.

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