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PPP says public servants paid enough

ppp storyThe ruling People’s Progressive Party has started off the year boasting of a 5% growth in the economy last year – the highest in the past eight years when the country experienced sustained growth. But what does that mean for ordinary citizens?

In typical defence mode, the General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, said there was no clear yes or no answer when he was asked if the sustained economic growth over the past five years has given ordinary public servants a better, more comfortable way of life.

As far as Rohee is concerned, Public servants, such as public health workers, who have been protesting, of their insufficient wages, were just on a show for political reasons.

Rohee contended that even if wages are low, the issue must be seen in the context of other services provided by the government.

One of the PPP’s spokesperson on economic matters, Manzoor Nadir, took the jump to say that the salaries being paid to public servants is enough.

The government has faced stinging criticism for offering public servants, such as the country’s nurses and policemen, less than a living wage. And what is more it has refused to bargain salary increases with the recognised workers union, despite the PPP’s boast that it is grounded in the working class and has fought for the right of workers to belong to a trade union of their choice.

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