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Mahaica residents fear flooding

sea walls 6thMahaica residents are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes of no high tide anytime soon. The sea defense in the area has been breached in several sections. This is one of the damaged sections of the sea defense and it is over six feet long. There are others distance away. Residents told members of a media that this situation is ongoing for years with no serious attention given to their plight.

The government through the ministry of public works has dispatched a team to the area to commence works on the broken sections of the sea defense, but residents said the patchwork will only offer them temporary relief.

Opposition parliamentarian Joseph Harmon said funds allocated in the 2013 budget to maintain the sea defense system around the country were inadequate.

He said citizens live and livelihood are at stake and the government needs to address the issue.

Harmon bashed the government for the poor standard of work to the sea defence, which resulted in the breaches.

Residents said it was only three weeks ago works was conducted to block the brea

ch but the situation is back to square one.

Several families are living a close distance away from of the sea walls and they feel constantly under threat by the sea.

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