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New initiatives touted to improve safety on the roadways

road story 3rdAs the lawlessness continues on the roadways, the ministry of Home Affairs, through the traffic department will be closely monitoring Night Clubs, making greater use of CCTV footage to address delinquent drivers and road users. It is uncler how effective those camreas will be be taken into consideration the failure in the pass. You would that in the shooting death of police coporal Romein Cleto the camera footage provided little help to solve that crime.

Several recommendations recently advanced by the APNU was agreed to in principle to be implemented.

According to the ministry, speeding, inattentiveness and drinking under the influence of alcohol are the main causes of fatal accidents.

In this regard, the ministry said there would be special programmes organised for young drivers between 16 and 33 years old.

Targeted enforcement by the Guyana Police Force and education programmes by the Guyana National Road Service Council will also be included in the programme.

The Ministry of Home Affairs held  a meeting Thursday with Guyana National Road Safety Council, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Minibus Association to discuss these matters and to come up with recommendations for the way forward.

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