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Opposition ignored as 2014 budget preparation continues

parliament 31tstAs the government prepares to present its third budget to the National Assembly since the last general elections, the ruling Peoples Progressive Party General Secretary Clemet Rohee is stating it clearly that it’s the role of government to decide where funds should be even if it means no consultations with the Opposition Parties.

Rohee even pointed out that the government is prepared for the scrutiny that the Opposition will place on those 2014 estimates.

The Major Opposition Party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) ever since the government took office back in 2011 remains open to talks with the ruling PPP administration about the national budget.

The Party’s General Secretary when questioned about the failed attempts by the administration to engage the Opposition Parties on the budget and even national projects defended the government by saying information is always provided.

While the Executive decides where the money ought to go in the National Budget, it is up to the National Assembly to decide if the money goes anywhere.

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