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Govt. hoping for give and take on AML bill

anti money 23rdAs the anti-money laundering legislation returns to a special select committee for a second time in Parliament the government is hoping that this time around the Opposition would give and take with the amendments of the bill.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall, who has been championing the government’s side for the bill is now throwing the blame at the Opposition for not seeing the importance of the legislation as Guyana fails to update its anti-money laundering legislation.

It was only last month that the very bill was voted down by the opposition parties after it returned from a six month Special Select Committee review. But the Alliance for Change has always linked its support for the bill to government’s establishment of a Public Procurement Commission.

PPP’s General Secretary Clement Rohee, during the party’s weekly press briefing believes the anti-money laundering legislation and establishment of a Public Procurement Commission should be discussed on their own rather than being linked.

The amendment to the legislation can bring Guyana in conformity with certain international standards as outlined by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

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