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Govt. seeks operator for Solid Waste Plan

garbage 18thSolid waste and the way it is being managed for the longest while has become a sore issue as Central Government blames City Hall for the garbage pile up around Georgetown. But the Council on the other hand is crying broke and is not taking the blame. Now the government is seeking individuals or agencies who are eligible service providers to express their interest to build, transfer and operate a Solid Waste Recycling Plan.

According to the government the arrangement will be done through what they call a public/private partnership agreement which will be administered through the Local Government Ministry.

Just last month the present administration announced that it was going to build a recycling plant after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Natural Globe Guyana Inc for the construction of the facility.

The project would have cost some US 30 million dollars but one week later the contract was scrapped.

It is believed that it was done because of media reports that a Minister of the Government’s daughter may have been one of the investors of the very company that got the contract to construct the recycling plant.

For those individuals or agencies who think they have the plan that could best solve the current garbage crisis have until next Friday to submit their detailed project proposal along with other documents to the Local Government Ministry.

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