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IDB expected to fund Mandela avenue expansion project

road 17thA final design is up for discussion on Wednesday in Georgetown to look at the proposed expansion of Mandela Ave in the city. The expansion is really for the entire stretch from the Seawall at the junction of the Rupert Craig highway along Sheriff Street to where it becomes Mandela Avenue pass the Cultural Centre to the junction by Hunter Street. Stakeholders including Businesses and residents along the proposed route have been engaged for over six months in the planning and design of the expansion. One of the engineers for the project is Rabindranauth Chandarpaul. He said that the project will see a four lane road with some variations along the busy roadway that basically links the East Coast and east Bank Corridors.

One of the issues likely to re-emerge during the discussions is how the businesses and residents occupying places along the route will be affected. Stakeholder specialist consultant Vanda Radzik says that the idea was not to displace anyone by the project.

In addition the access roads and other cross streets will be upgraded at the junctions there will be proper and adequate signage to deal with the increase flow of traffic and a raised walkway across Mandela Avenue in the vicinity of the North and East Ruimveldt Schools.

Traffic in the city and on the outskirts has become a major challenge in recent time and only now some secondary roads are being repaired and in some cases reopened. Various roads in Georgetown are still potholed and in bad shape and some are not used at all except for vending purposes in some areas.

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