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Transparency International ranks Guyana lower this year

wolly g 3rdOnce again Guyana has received a less than favorable ranking in the Corruption Perception Index put out by the Berlin based Transparency International anti-corruption Non-Governmental Organization. TI has ranked Guyana at a lowly 27. Countries are ranked out of a 100 and Barbados received a ranking of 75. The ranking by Guyana is sure to annoy the PPPC administration and some in the Private sector who have criticized the methodology and where Guyana ranks on the TI Corruption Perception Index.

The Transparency Institute of Guyana announced the ranking this morning at the Guyana Pegasus:

The head of the Transparency Institute of Guyana Anand Goolsarran observed that Transparency International in its report on the Perception of Corruption pointed out that Corruption continues to be a pervasive problem. Goolsarran noted that one of the problems is that countries attempt to deny that corruption exists.

TI has been issuing these reports for just under two decades now and the organization has urged countries not just to pledge to prevent corruption but to take action to stop it.

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