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Ramroop goes after Historic Bourda Cricket Ground

wolly 29Leveraging his credentials as a sponsor of Sport based on his involvement with the Limacol CPL (Caribbean Premier League) and his well-oiled connections to the Guyana Government owner of the New GPC Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop aka Bobby Ramroop wants to acquire the Historic Bourda Cricket Ground. Throw in the GFC ground, Ramroop has made a proposal that is being considered by both the Georgetown Cricket Club and Georgetown Football Club. Ramroop sent both Clubs the proposal dated November 12th outlining his plans which suggest that investment and interventions amounting to approximately 30 million USD will do the job.

Also the owner of media outlets Ramroop wants to construct a new stadium basically at the site now occupied by both clubs. The proposal suggests elevation of the ground, new drainage, parking, and a restaurant along with an Academy for Football and Cricket with all the amenities.

This newscast has learnt that Ramroop made it very clear in his correspondence to the clubs that there are no encumbrances or legal issues surrounding what he called “this piece of real estate”. The correspondence states that the New GPC is aware that the ground is owned by the Government of Guyana and has been leased to the Georgetown Cricket Club and the Georgetown Football Club.

The development has caused the Georgetown Football Club to call an urgent meeting of its members to consider the proposal while over on the other side the GCC has some members who are for and some against the offer.

The Bourda grounds (Football and Cricket) were knocked out of consideration to merge and become eligible to host World Cup Cricket five years ago after the Guyana Government under then President Jagdeo, who is a close friend of Bobby Ramroop decided to build a massive stadium at Providence outside the Capital City Georgetown. All International cricket, football and other sporting events were diverted there resulting in the decline of both the GCC and GFC grounds to the point that historic stands at the Bourda ground deteriorated and had to be dismantled.

The Ramroop/Jagdeo connection has been contentious moreso in recent time after Ramroop was allocated several radio frequencies, special uplink satellite facilities, a warehouse, the Sanata compex and some other pieces of valuable real estate. So strident has been the criticism that Ramroop moved to a US court to sue Kaieteur News over the revelations of what that newspaper has referred to as the Heist of Guyana. The case comes up on January 9th when Ramroop’s attorneys will have to present invoices and other supporting documentation to contend that his entity was libeled.

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