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There are no fees to be paid to the Government for adoptions in Guyana

adoutThe process for adoption in Guyana takes about three to six months and there are no fees to be paid to the Childcare and Protection agency for adoption by persons within Guyana or from outside of Guyana. According to an official from the Agency, some persons wishing to adopt infants from Guyana use attorneys who may charge fees. And then there are fees that the parents will have to pay to acquire an International Home Study which is required to be submitted to the Adoption Division in Guyana by Persons who do not live in Guyana.

A couple in Knoxville Tennessee in the United States has started a fund to raise over twenty thousand US dollars (about four million Guyana) to adopt a child from Guyana. Their story has been highlighted by a local TV station in Tennessee that says the couple chose Guyana because adoptions were recently opened in the country and that it is the second poorest country in the hemisphere. The report said that the couple needed to find 9000 USD by the end of December or the process will be delayed.

According to the couple’s website they want to bring the child they have never met out of Guyana because “children in Guyana are vulnerable to violence and child abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking and general neglect. Guyana is a third world country with little access to modern amenities such as medical care and clean water. The country still deals with medical issues such as Polio, Malaria, and Yellow Fever, the couple’s website claims.

The official from Guyana’s Child care and Protection agency indicated that over one dozen international adoptions have been done in the past year or so. Couples are required to visit and bond with the children and fulfill the other requirements of the Adoption Department. They are no fees attached except the attorney fees, the official maintained. The process can take as long as six months.

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