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Corruption also applies to private sector

wolly tigHead of the National Integrity Action of Jamaica Professor Trevor Munroe wants to see the label of corruption extended to the Private Sector in the Caribbean, Delivering the keynote address at the fundraising dinner of the Transparency Institute of Guyana in Georgetown on Friday Munroe said, too often when we think of corrupt practices we think only of the public sector/government officials.

Professor Munroe said that while TI defines corruption aimed mostly at what government officials are doing the private sector must be looked at when they pay bribes or cause people financial ruin.

He noted that International Donors must take into account where their money goes. And at the risk of being accused of interference must ask where their taxpayers’ money has gone. These countries have an obligation to ensure that the money reaches the people of the recipient country and is not interrupted along the road.

The issue of how countries are perceived as being corrupt has been a contentious one since Transparency International (TI) a Berlin based NGO started to issue a Corruption Perception Index twenty years ago. The Transparency Institute of Guyana and the National Integrity Action in Jamaica are affiliated to TI. A representative of TI Berlin Max Heywood was present and offered brief remarks at the Dinner.

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