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APNU calls for inclusive approach on border issues

venFollowing the October 10 boat incident involving the Venezuelan Navy and a vessel in Guyana’s territorial waters the APNU is calling for Guyanese Diplomats to be alert and not be led into another economic blockade by the Venezuelans. The party has once again called for the Administration to immediately approach all border and territorial issues in a bi-partisan way.

The APNU maintained that the October interception by the Venezuelan navy and subsequent arrest of a vessel authorized by Guyana to do work in its waters was unlawful and unwarranted and in violation of the UN charter. The APNU listed 4 incidents dating back to the 1960s where Venezuela has made objections to major Development projects in the Mineral rich Essequibo.

The Leader of the opposition said Venezuela’s lack of Access to the Atlantic may have prompted the Oct 10 incident as Venezuela continues to seek continued access for its products to North America and elsewhere.

Following the incident on Oct 10 delegations headed by the Foreign Ministers of Guyana and Venezuela met in Trinidad exactly one week later on Oct 17 to resolve the situation.  At that meeting both sides held to their position positions that they were within their maritime boundaries. After that meeting the two sides agreed to use the UN Good officer process to settle the issue of maritime boundaries.

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