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Sugar Industry decline could affect our drinks

sugarThe world famous brand of Guyana’s Rum Eldorado that depends on the molasses coming out of Guyana’s Sugar industry could be affected if the industry continues its downward spiral. According to outgoing chairman of the Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL) Yesu Persaud it would be a pity and a pretty sorry state if the company he was instrumental in building would have to resort to importing molasses for its rums.

Rum is really a by-product of Sugar and Guyana has been able to produce the Best Rum in the World the Eldorado 15 year old because of the spirits and molasses from the Cane Sugar factories across the country.

But Sugar has not been doing well according to Dr. Yesu Persaud because of the lack of attention to the fields and the yields over the years. He feels management of the sector needs attention too.

Persaud is also of the opinion that Guyana should have sourced the China built Sugar Factory at Skeldon from a Sugar Producing country for example Brazil or India rather than China.

Yesu Persaud announced that he will retire as chairman of DDL at the end of this year 2013. The 85 year old well respected business executive had been involved in the process of the nationalization of the Sugar Sector in the mid-1970s. He was involved in the revival of Diamond Liquor Corporation and was engaged in several other businesses over the last 50 years. He leaves the Sugar/Rum industry but will continue to be engaged in some of the other businesses he started.

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