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AML legislation blame game continues

royo eleThe government is blaming the opposition for Guyana being blacklisted by the Caribbean Financial Task Force for failing to update its money laundering legislation to meet international standards.

Today government chief whip Gail Teixeira said that the opposition parties should hang their heads in shame for voting down the amendments.

Leader of the opposition David Granger said the opposition shares no blame for the current situation. He said for 13 years the money laundering act was past in the national assembly and healed little success. He said the blacklisting was deeply regretted and undeserved.

Executive member of the AFC Moses Nagamootoo said it the responsibility of the government to bring its laws up to date and enforce those laws.

Granger feels that the current situation could have been avoided it the government was willing to reach out to the opposition. The APNU leader said he does not feel that all is lost. He said both the APNU and AFC intend to go back to the national assembly to be sent to the special select committee.

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