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Police seized a quantity of meat at city butchery.

meat storyThe police and inspectors from the Georgetown mayor and city council this afternoon swooped down on Japs Beef Power Halaal meet center located at Robb and Alexander Streets.

Assisted by persons around in the area the lawmen took away a large quantity of meat. The meat was weighed then placed in the back of a police vehicle.

This newscast understands that the business is owned by a serving councilor of the Georgetown Mayor and City council.

The lawmen and city officials are of the view that the business was selling spoilt and unstamped beef, which was not certified and slaughtered by the municipal abattoir.

This newscast also learnt that the business has no license to operate.

In some cases some of the animals were not properly slaughtered in keeping with the standards of the slaughterhouse.

A woman who lives next door said this practice was ongoing for sometime now. She said the meat would normally come in the wee hours of the morning.

The woman told reporters that she made countless reports to the authorities and no action was taken. She said she then moved to the courts where she got some satisfaction.

A city council inspector spoke of the move by the council to shut down the operation.

The police took into custody one of the butchers working at the shop for questioning. At the time of the operation the owners were not at the shop.

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