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Gold heading for record declarations.

imgresGold miners are racing ahead to meet record production of gold this year and leading authorities are brushing aside criticisms of the sector, such as the fact that is one of the main causes of deforestation.

As of today (Nov. 1, 2013),gold declaration stood at 438, 000 ounces, and with 2 months to go, the sector could well meet the record declaration aimed for.

Earlier in the year, the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association, the GGDMA, had set a target of 461, 000 tonnes, but there is increased optimism that declarations could peak at more than 500, 000 ounces. President of the GGDMA, Patrick Harding, said that the contribution of gold mining to the national economy cannot be under-estimated, saying that revenues from gold far outweighs what is coming in from other sectors.

Harding acknowledged that mining has resulted in the destruction of the forest, but indicated it was a necessary sacrifice and that miners urged to comply with regulations. The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, GGMC, which regulates the sector, indicated that a lot of work is ongoing to improve the image of the industry, often accused of bulldozing trees and polluting the water ways, among other concerns. Mr Rickford Viera, the acting Commissioner at GGMC said more and more mined-out areas are being replanted the use of mercury is being phased out. Revenues brought in from the export of gold last year topped US$716 million. The sector employs tens of thousands of Guyanese.

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