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Guyana examines various options in maritime issue with Venezuela.

tt shipIn light of the recent incident involving Guyana and Venezuela the local authorities will be looking to utilize all the options at its disposal to ensure that the issue of maritime boundaries are settled sooner rather than later. Guyana’s foreign Minister recently met her Venezuelan counterpart in Port of Spain, Trinidad to resolve the Venezuelan seizure of a vessel conducting seismic work on behalf of a company licensed by the Government of Guyana. At that meeting maritime boundaries was clearly an issue for the Venezuelans since they continued to hold to their position that the vessel was in their EEZ. Guyana was equally positive that the Teknik Perdana was in its 200 mile EEZ. The last time a similar situation developed was in 1999 when Suriname’s gunboats ejected a CGX oil rig from the Corentyne River. Guyana took Suriname to the UNCLOS and eventually won that case in 2007 where the maritime boundaries were settled. Venezuela on the other hand is not a party to the UNCLOS hence alternative routes of settlement will have to be sought by Guyana. The actions by the Venezuelans have been described as unprecedented in the history of bilateral relations between the 2 countries.  The actions  were  even more surprising  since the area where the vessel was intercepted have been the subject of seismic studies by Guyana dating back as far 2008 without hindrance from the Venezuelans.

The move by the Venezuelan Navy according to some persons studying the situation may have been designed to embarrass President Maduro who came to power recently by a slim majority

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