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PPP firing back at the APA over protest.

Amerindians ProtestThe protest action taken by the Amerindian People’s Association in support of their Toshaos is not sitting well with the ruling party the PPP.  At the party’s weekly press conference general secretary Clement Rohee made it clear that the APA should tell the Guyanese public why they were silent on the budgetary allocations that were denied to the communities by the opposition.

Rohee then went after the parliamentary opposition for what he calls efforts to unwind these gains and disempower the Amerindians by hitting where it hurts the most: their economic development.

 Some Amerindians drawn from various communities in the interior regions are calling for a review of the 2006 Amerindian Act, which they feel is powerless and they are also demanding more respect for Guyana’s first peoples. Their actions were  in support of Toshaos who were meeting at the National Toshaos Conference at of the Conference Center at Liliendal.

 Rohee said the titling and demarcation of Amerindians lands is a continuous effort and cannot be achieved overnight.

While Amerindians are demanding a level playing field Rohee is blaming the opposition action in parliament. He however promised that his party will continue to fight for the restoration of the budget cuts in the courts.

It was agreed coming out of the Toshaos conference that the president’s  grant which was slashed by parliament would be restored.

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