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Cocaine in Girdle worn by a Man who travelled from Guyana to NY.

caribbean+airlinesInmate 82876 is a 24 year old man who traveled from Guyana to New York on BW 528 and has found himself in the Brooklyn Metro Detention Center since yesterday October 24, 2013. US law enforcement agents are accusing KENNY KEROI RITCHIE of transporting over seven pounds of cocaine into JFK airport in New York in one of Two Girdles he was wearing. They say he arrived on the non-stop flight from Georgetown and presented a suitcase for inspection.

The court documents seen by Capitol News state that the Man claimed that he was in Guyana to work on a house that his father left him. The US Agents, based on the man’s behavior, decided to carry out a pat down search that was done in a private room. According to the documents during the pat down the officers felt a rigid object in the man’s groin area and based on the location of the object a further body search was authorized and it was during that body search the officers discovered what they called two girdles. One of the girdles had an object sewn inside it and it was there the over seven pounds of cocaine was discovered.

 Ritchie was taken to the Brooklyn Federal court yesterday and remanded to the Brooklyn Metro Detention Center.

 Only last month another man from Guyana Joel Gilkes was apprehended for trafficking in cocaine from Guyana. While the number of incidents on non-stop flights has fallen off over the years, this newscast understands that at least three major drugs lords are operating out of Guyana supplying couriers with relatively small shipments from time to time to the US while other shipments of a more substantial nature are rerouted to Europe, Africa and Asia.

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