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Indigenous people protest outside of the Conference Center.

Amerindians ProtestWhile Toshaos were meeting inside of the Conference Center at Liliendal some aggrieved Amerindians were outside highlighting some of the plights facing the indigenous people.

The residents drawn from various communities in the interior region is also calling for a review of the 2006 Amerindian Act, which they feel is powerless and they are also demanding more respect for Guyana’s first peoples.

They are also hoping that the Toshaos who are representing their interest would be allowed to speak and not intimidated.

The residents held placards and chanted as they discussed  the much talked about Amerindian land titles, which has been a sore issue.

The residents also feel that the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs is providing poor representation on the issues that are affecting them.

They are hoping that changes would be made from the discussion of the National Toshaos Conference.

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