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DPP advises on GWMO President Case.

BroomesThe Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended that no charges be laid against the Guyana Women Miners Organisation President Simona Broomes.

The GWMO President was charged back in August for assault and larceny made by a woman who was placed before the courts on a human trafficking charge. The woman, Ann-Marie Carter claimed that the incident occurred last April but was only reported the matter some two months ago.

Today Broomes who only returned to Georgetown after several trips in the interior leant of the current development in the case and was comforted by the news.

According to Broomes for her the case that was brought against her can be seen as a learning lesson for her Organisation’s fight against Human Trafficking.

Broomes was represented by Attorneys-at-Law Nigel Hughes, Joseph Harman and Raphael Trotman willingly. The Lawyers were the ones who made a request for the matter to be inquired into, by the Chambers of the DPP.

The Guyana Women Miners Organization fight against human trafficking have seen over 21 girls being rescued by the organisation with only 3 being just above the legal age.

According to the President of the Organisation the number will continue to increase as the team goes into more interior locations with the hope of finding more young girls who are vulnerable in such cases. She vowed to continue the work of the organisation to save as many persons it can from modern day slavery.

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