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Diplomatic solution sought.

tt shipThe Teknik Perdana which was seized by Venezuela while conducting seismic research in Guyana’s waters was expected to be released late last night as part of an agreement hammered out between the foreign ministers of Guyana and Venezuela. This was confirmed by Minister Rodrigues- Birkett at the conclusion of the talks with her Venezuelan counterpart Elias Jaua

The meeting between the two delegations lasted for more than 5 hours with Guyana being represented by 4 Ambassadors  along with the Minister of Natural resources and Environment Robert Persaud and Deputy head of the GGMC Newell Dennison.  But the issue of the location where the vessel was conducting its research was still an area of contention with both sides holding to the position that they were clearly within their zones.

Minister Rodrigues said that another outcome of the talks was to set up arrangements to address the issue of de-limitation of boundaries. Venezuela has for some-time now claimed Essequibo as part of its territory even though an arbitral award in 1899 identified Essequibo as part of the territory of Guyana.

As a consequence of the agreement between the two sides to talks on sorting out delimitation issues they have agreed that no activities will take place in the area at this time

Venezuela’s navy  intercepted the vessel Teknik Perdana on Oct 10 while it was conducting research in the Roraima block off Guyana’s Essequibo Coast.

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