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sports 7thWell the temporary halt of fuel to Air Services Limited ASL may have been resolved but lingering issues between ASL and Ogle Airport INC remain and OAI is giving its side of the story. OAI has taken issue with statements reportedly made by ASL Operations Manager that they have fully complied with all the requirements to be allowed to use their Fuel farm which ASL

claims were installed at a cost of 1 million US Dollars. OAI is also disputing claims by Asl that it is following the correct procedures for fuel management. OAI is also claiming that since the setup of ASL’s fuel farm the entity has not complied with certain Insurance requirements. ASL and Caribbean Aircraft Maintenance services C AMS held separate press conferences last week to address the decision by Rubis to halt fuel supplies to ASL. Rubis  has a contract with CAMS to deliver fuel to ASL but  because of concerns by Rubis that the fuel being supplied by CAMS may have been compromised  they had halted the supply.

Those concerns were put to rest and a day later fuel supplies were resumed by CAMS to ASL. OAI says it has been meeting consistently with the Guyana Energy Agency and the Office of the Prime Minister to get ASL to conform to the standard sof the OAI which have been approved by both of the state agencies as well as the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority.

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