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GTU President Warns politicians to be careful and responsible.

SCHOOL PROTESTGTU president Collin Bynoe is warning politicians to be careful and responsible when making certain statements. He was reacting to a statement made by the ruling party that politicians are using the problems in the public school system for political mileage.

The teacher’s union president said while he is unaware of any such move he said that it was not a nice statement to be made by responsible people.

Bynoe was speaking to members of the media outside of the ministry of education on Brickdam.

It was cabinet secretary Dr Roger Luncheon who said the APNU is the architect behind those Schools Protest. That position was rejected by the APNU. Opposition leader David Granger recently called on the administartion to fix the broken primary school system.

He said that the PPP/C is presiding over a broken primary school system that is failing the most vulnerable section of the population our children. According to the APNU the disorganization in the country’s primary school has contributed to the high rates of delinquency and low standards of performance.

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