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The PPP looks to regain support in the National Assembly.

In a stinging attack reminiscent of his term in office as President Bharrat Jagdeo the Former President of Guyana lashed out at the Parliamentary opposition in usual cuss out mode and called on PPP supporters to be ready at a moment’s notice for elections. He was speaking at PPP function celebrating the Government’s 21 years in power.

Jagdeo blasted opposition Leader David Granger for what he says is his role in helping to deny the party its place in Government many years ago , seeing some irony in Granger’s role of trying to represent his constituents as part of a majority coalition.

The PPP has always received massive support in Berbice but that support started dwindling as fa back as 2006 with the formation of the AFC headed by one of its own Central executive committee members Khemraj Ramjattan and even more recently in the run up to the 2011 elections when Moses Nagamootoo one of the longest serving members walked away from the party.

The PPP has faced several scandals over the years as a government especially when it comes to tackling issues like corruption and crimes like narco and human trafficking. The party has also seen its traditional support base shaken with many young supporters disenchanted with their mode of operations. The call to action by the party at Tain is yet another try since the 2011 elections to bring back lost votes into its camp

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