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BK International disputes stone shortage claims

BK int'lAs the Public Works Ministry continues to hold out that several of its projects remain under threat for the want of stone, one company is disputing such claims saying that it was forced to institute a credit limit for its customers.

BK International is one of several companies that would usually supply the country’s construction sector with stone.

The Sales and Marketing Manager, Briony Tiwarie said BK has limited its credit to some customers for the past two years because there are outstanding sums totaling 50 million dollars.  Included in the list of debtors is the Ministry of Public works. The Manager was speaking during an onsite visit over the weekend at the company’s stone quarry in Essequibo.

According to the Sales and Marketing Manager the company has the capacity to supply whatever quantity of stone is demanded even as the Public Works Ministry reports that there is a shortage.

BK Quarries General Manager said the company was designed to function on a 24-hour basis but presently it only operates until midnight daily. He said the reason for the reduced hours of operation is simply to meet the company’s present client demand.

The issue of stone shortage only came about after several contractors complained that they have not been getting stone readily from their suppliers. The Works Ministry believes that one way to address the problem would be to import the much needed stones to meet the market’s demand.

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