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Police grill suspects captured for the shooting of local disc jockey

DJPolice investigators are grilling one of two suspects captured by public-spirited citizens last night following the shooting death of Tucville resident and DJ Sheldon Cheddie. The father of five was sitting under this shed opposite turning point with a group of friends when two men rode up on a bicycle and discharged several round at the DJ. The man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

At the hospital as word of the man’s death was disclosed close relatives broke down in tears.

His father Keith was at a loss over the senseless killing and he is hoping that the police can get to the bottom of the story.

Eyewitnesses told this newscast that Cheddie’s shooting was not by accident since according to them the men never said a word to any of the persons under the shed just they just started to pump bullets into the man.

Cheddie senior said his son was a former disc jockey, and then he started trading, eventually he started doing a business with a friend.

There are reports the suspects after the shooting calmly rode away seemingly unaware that some residents were tracing them on a motorcycle. Capitol news understands that the suspect who is now in custody was given a sound trashing by residents who cornered him in East La penitence area he was handed over to the police.

The suspect hands were swabbed for gun power residue as the police commenced a thorough investigation to ascertain the motive and to apprehend the other suspect.

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