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Government still to honour August 21 2012 Linden Agreement one year later

lindenOne year after the August 21, 2012 agreement was inked with the community of Linden and the Government some aspects of that agreement are still to be honoured much to the dissatisfaction of the residents.

It was regional chairman Sharma Solomon who said that the mandate of the people of region ten is to hold the nation and Government accountable in honouring the agreement. He promised to relentlessly pursue the agreement.

According to Solomon for too long the Government has deprived the people of Linden and region ten their constitutional rights.

The agreement signed between region 10 and the Government includes the creation of a technical team that has specific terms of reference to review the issue of the electricity tariff increase; the establishment of an economic development committee, the return of the Region 10 television station, and a regional land selection committee.

Lindeners last year put a halt to Government’s attempts to impose a hike in electricity tariffs on the community with over a month of protest.

He said the  fight of Linden in 2012 was justified according to the constitution.

Today Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon told this Newscast that some amount of frustration is stepping in and there is uneasiness within the community.

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