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Caribbean Airlines wants to operate in a sustainable manner

caribbean+airlinesCaribbean Airlines is agreeing that it has fares that appear to be high, but its head of Corporate Communications, Clint Williams thinks that fares have to do with the sustainability and viability of the operation than anything else. Williams told Capitol News that Caribbean Airlines has been in the Guyana Market for a long time and knows that it is necessary to have a satisfied customer. In terms of fares, what has been happening is more passengers are travelling and the early bird passengers are getting the better fares leaving sometimes the business or frequent flyers at a disadvantage.

Williams said that while there is the perception that Caribbean Airlines is a Trinidad and Tobago owned airline, its major shareholders now are the Governments of both Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. He feels to avoid some of the bottlenecks including the US Government imposed double security checks in some cases on northbound flights in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana there is a need for a regional approach to have a common CARICOM airspace.

Caribbean Airlines is also considering a business model that would reduce its dependence on a fuel subsidy that has been a bone of contention with past and prospective carriers into the region. Carriers like Delta have complained in the US that Trinidad and Tobago allows Caribbean Airlines to fly with fuel that is subsidized by that Government in effect providing unfair competition in the aviation sector.

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