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Police admits victim of alleged assault by TIP heroine had evaded Police since April

simona broomesThe Guyana Police Force through its Public Relations department is admitting that the victim of the alleged assault against the Guyana Women Miners Organisation President had been evading the Police since April, until her arrest last month.

The woman, Ann Marie Carter was arrested by the Police because of her involvement in the trafficking in person matter where several girls and children were rescued by the organisation, said  the Police.

It was only when Carter was arrested that  she made the allegation of assault and theft  against GWMO President Simona Broomes.

According to the Police, Carter’s allegations were supported by a medical report and eye witnesses, hence Broomes was subsequently interviewed by the police and placed on bail.

The Police Force is holding out that its approach towards the case is being done in a responsible and professional manner and the force is required to investigate all complaints made by all persons.

However, the GWMO President in a statement on Wednesday afternoon questioned why Carter did not make the allegation of assault and theft against her when she was arrested in June and later placed on bail for that TIP case.

The NGO President in her defense said attempts were being made to report the incident at the Bartica Police Station and the ranks there refused to take a statement. She said a statement was only taken in Georgetown after she publicly descried the Bartica  police’s refusal to take her statement.

Broomes said she nor her members do not wish to be in receipt of any special treatment from the police, but do expect the police to be professional in their work.

The Police statement said investigations are continuing as efforts to contact the other persons who were with Broomes on the day in question are being made. Broomes has indicated that she stands ready to assist the Police in any way and should charges be laid against her, she will defend herself in the court of law.

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