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Fingers point to a City businessman in the brutal slaying of Biker

dead biker kurt davis s hot eleven timesThe latest execution-style killing of Eccles resident and Biker Kirk Davis is baffling to local law enforcement officers who are still trying to ascertain the motive.

This newscast understands that the man was involved in a confrontation with a Water Street businessman who accused him of having a relationship with his wife.

Reports reaching this newscast indicate that the businessman and others went over to the man’s  premises to confront him regarding his involvement with the  woman.

It was just around 9:30 last night Davis was reportedly shot 11 times during what is reported to be a confrontation with the man.

This newscast understands that several bullets were pumped to the upper part of his body at point blank range.

Residents told this newscast that they heard an unusual sound, which went on for a couple of minutes.

When the gunshots ended, residents told the media that the man was lying motionless on the ground. He was rushed to the GPHC where he was pronounced dead. At the hospital his friends and close associates gathered in disbelief at the horrific slaughter of the young man.

A source told this newscast that the entire incident was witnessed by one of Davis’ close friends. The source said when the shooter observed that someone was watching the incident he turned his weapon in the person’s  direction and discharged a few rounds before he boarded his vehicle and escaped.

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