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Canadian Visa Application Centre in Georgetown to provide administrative support to applicants

canadian visa application centreThe Government of Canada just last week announced that it has opened a new Visa Application Centre (VAC) here in Georgetown as a way to make the process of applying for a visa to enter Canada easier and more convenient.

In a Press Statement the Canadian High Commission said that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada is expanding its Visa Application Centre network around the world.

The Guyana location is expected to provide vulnerable administrative support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident application is assessed by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada officer.

According to the release, the Visa Application Centre service agents are available by phone, email or in person to answer questions and to make sure that applications are complete. The Centre hopes with the assistance, it will avoid unnecessary delays or refusals due to incomplete applications.

The location will also offer other services, including photocopying, application photographs and self-service computer terminals for those wishing to take advantage of the new online applications.

Persons are being cautioned to use only the new Georgetown Visa Application Centre located at 107 Duke Street, Georgetown.

The Canadians had stopped several years ago, the processing of visas in Guyana. Guyanese had to travel to Trinidad and Tobago to obtain their visas.

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  • I N Lobert

    My husband passed by the Cdn Consulate after reading the article and he was promptly turned away by a rude security guard – she told him that he need to go online if he needs info – so the Cdn Consulate needs to be clear on their intentions or inform their security guards properly.

  • Pamela Grace Howell

    sad to say the same thing happened to me at the American Embassy my Visa card was taken and thrown to the ground by the then security guard from Plaisance whom I knew well this action did affect me in a mental way for I knew not what could have caused this action any way as time pass by I urge Guyanese to be aware of documents prescribe for the processing of such matters for entering another country calls for more than what some of us may think and with written documentation that some times do not mean a thing so be careful when thinking of makeing that step thank you


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