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Confusion outside Parliament as groups of citizens took their issues to the picket line.

shot0005While Parliamentarians were meeting inside, outside of the National Assembly citizens were protesting a number of issues, ranging from Local Government Elections, removal of the acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba, the 18 months jail sentence handed down to four young Policemen following the assault of a businessman, Amerindians land titles and the Government supporters were protest the need for opposition support of the Amaila Falls Hydro project.

The peaceful protest for the holding of Local Government elections got ugly when the Police moved in to maintain law and order.

The protestors held their ground as they continue to press their claims for the four pieces of legislation to be tabled and passed to allow for the holding of  Local Government elections this year.

And vendors were calling for the acting Town Clerk to demit office following threats that she intends to move them off the streets.

And Amerindian people flew from the interior regions and they were calling for the review of the 2006 Amerindian Act which they deemed as a document with no power.

Villagers from Isseneru, in association with the Amerindian Peoples’ Association (APA), were also protesting the High Court Judge, Diana Insanally’s ruling in favour of a miner Joan Chang conducting works in what they consider to be Amerindian ancestral lands. The matter has since been appealed by the Isseneru residents, but that process is taking longer than expected.

And members of the ruling party were having their say on the Amaila Fall hydro project. They believe that the project was good for Guyana and should be supported.

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