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Guyanese sailor found dead on board vessel near Curacao

shot0004When this Newscast visited  Orlando Allen’s family on Tuesday morning in Campbellville, his wife Debra Allen told us that the company he was working with is not forthcoming with any information and she is suspecting foul play. She said she has since made a report to the local Police who have since informed Interpol. The dead man’s wife added that her husband was working as a grade four engineer as a motor man on the vessel.

Allen said she was told that her husband collapsed in the engine room on a vessel near Curacao and succumbed, that was the first call she received, she said later that story changed.

The woman told Capitol News that she wants to get to the bottom of the story.

Allen said her husband did a full medical examination before he left Guyana and he was in perfect health.

According to Allen, this was her husband’s third trip with the Prichard-Gordon Tankers Limited – a London-based company.

 She said her husband left Guyana on the 23rd of July for Curacao, he then in-transited in Trinidad & Tobago and then flew to Barbados onward to his final destination. She said shortly before his death she made contact with him.

 Allen was 48 and had two children.

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