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Election win far from the reach of the ruling party – PPP/C executive

shot0003Speaking ahead of Friday’s party congress, Chairman of the Congress Committee, Clement Rohee said, while he remains confident that the PPP/C can regain a Parliamentary majority in the future, he said if the elections are to be called NOW; the party stands no chance of taking control of the National Assembly.

The party is heading into the congress with a string of complaints against the Parliamentary majority; in fact the opposition has argued that the Government has been gambling with the legislative agenda in order to add meat to the speeches later this week in Berbice.

Last week, when the Government refused to move ahead with local Government reform, the two Parliamentary parties – APNU and the AFC – voted against a Bill to declare the Amaila Falls area a protected area. Also, the opposition say they will not raise the debt ceiling for public corporations from $1 billion to $150 billion, saying that if they do this it would allow the Government to prop up public corporations for borrow massive sums to implement political projects that are either not feasible or nor a priority at this time.

But despite Rohee’s admission he said work has already started on the grounds to bring back traditional supporters into the fold.

He said also that heading into congress, the party has recognized some of its shortcomings and is open to dissenting views.

Rohee also reiterated that the party he joined as a youth still remains steadfast in the ideology of the elimination of poverty, democracy, socialism, ethnic unity and solidarity and also tolerance for contrary views.

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