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Boodhoo breaks silence about issues which caused the Elections Commission not to renew his contract

bb23c7b225b17e348253b851b2840c27_XLThe main argument used to show Gocool Boodhoo the door was that his flawed mathematical calculation would have led to the PPP once again taking control of the National Assembly at the 2011 elections when in fact that is not what voters decided on.

Boodhoo’s contract expired at the end of April and was not renewed by a decision of the Commission on July 16.

One Commissioner, Vincent Alexander said that if it wasn’t for his vigilance the ruling PPP/C Government could have been declared the majority winner at the recent polls, thanks to Boodhoo’s calculations.

He said a similar mistake occurred in 2006 by Boodhoo, when the Alliance For Change had queried one seat.

At that time, GECOM advised the party to seek redress in the courts, and when they did, the case was thrown out, and the AFC was left without that seat.

Mr. Boodhoo, in a letter to the Press said that an observer from he Organisation of American states was looking over his shoulders the entire time during the last elections. He said that nothing irregular could have taken place because the Commissioners were also present.

He said that all the rantings about change in formula  and  manipulation  of  numbers was a clear  attempt  to discredit him and not renew his contract.

GECOM on July 16 decided not to renew Boodoo’s contract.

The election results presented to the Commission for ratification was what was handed to me by the Information Technology section.

Boodhoo said that not one of the issues, from questions about films to advertising the Technology Manager post, was raised prior to his departure from GECOM, but he decided to come into the open with allegations of his own, against the election’s commission chairman, Dr. Steve Surujbally, who he said began throwing tantrums since a decade ago.

Boodhoo said Dr. Surujbally has been trying to get rid of him since 2002 when he sought to demand that he, Surujbally account for a trip to Mauritius.

Boodhoo said that due  process  requires  that   persons  be  given  a  fair  opportunity  to  respond  to  any  issue  of  concern.  Boodhoo now says he would continue to set the record straight.

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