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Flair, Fashion and Food at InterGuianas Festival in Cayenne, French Guiana

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 6.30.40 PMThe Inter Guianas Festival ended as it began with performances from three of the countries that are part of the Guiana Shield. The Festival was held this year in French Guiana from July 11th to the 14th. The President of the Region, Rodolphe Alexandre,  wanted to make sure that his people were part of the integration process which links the other two Guianas; Suriname and Guyana to the Caribbean, through Caricom.

Guyana’s Director of Culture, Dr. James Rose, pointed to the inherent need of people to express themselves through cultural forms.

The Festival showcased the Performing, Literary, Culinary, Visual Arts, along with Film and Fashion. Guyana’s 50-person delegation took every opportunity while in Cayenne, French Guiana’s Capital, to highlight what Guyana had to offer.

The Inter Guianas Cultural Festival is really a mini-Carifesta of sorts, as the countries which share one of the oldest geological formations on planet Earth look for and find their cultural underpinnings. As the artistes shared their experiences, they rediscovered that the Guianas’ cultural heritage is strong, vibrant and dynamic.

The festival allowed for the Guyanese living in French Guiana, the other French Guianese, visitors and others from the delegations to share in a common experience that exemplified the theme of the Festival “Celebrating our Culture, Bridging our Friendship”.

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