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OP claims inclusion of the “terrorist” tagline in President Ramotar’s transcript was a mistake

shot0008It is true that the President’s televised address to the nation does not contain the word terrorist or terrorism; however, what the President said on TV is different from the transcript released by the Government Information Agency, GINA, which the President has authority over.

Now GINA headlined the President’s address with the words “An act of terrorism against the development of Guyana.”

The Parliamentary Opposition has stopped attending meetings of the Special Select Committee on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Finance of Terrorism Bill, saying they will only be back at the table when President Ramotar withdraws his statement.

President Donald Ramotar over the weekend came out with an address to the nation blasting the Opposition Parliamentarians who voted down the Hydro Amendment Bill and the Motion to up the guarantee to public corporations to $150 B.

 The Office of the President is now saying that since the President did not mention the word terrorism in his televised address, the inclusion of that terrorist tagline in the transcript was a mistake.

Dr. Roger Luncheon, the chief spokesperson at the Office of the President, suggested that the draft transcript is what was sent out by the Government’s Information Arm, and not the final version. Capitol News received that transcript via email a mere 30 minutes before the President’s address was aired. And so, with the time it took to record the President’s speech and then drop it off at television stations to be aired, it is more than likely that that statement was sent out after the President recorded his address. But even if the wrong copy was sent out, the Government’s information arm has not said a word acknowledging that the wrong transcript was sent out. As it is, the Office of the President is leaving it up to a case of believe what you hear and not what you read.

At the end of the day, the issue that caused the walkout by the Opposition, must get back on the table, and Dr. Luncheon indicated that the parties will have to get down back to negotiations on ensuring that the Amaila Falls Hydro Project goes through.

On Thursday, the President will meet with stakeholders, and while some of the time would be used to criticise the opposition, Luncheon said, common ground has to be found to get the  problems resolved.

Thursday’s stakeholder meeting takes place at the International Conference Centre.

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