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Ramjattan walks out on Money Laundering Bill committee over President’s ‘terrorist’ description

shot0013President Donald Ramotar over the weekend had called the Opposition Parliamentarians who voted down the Hydro Amendment Bill and the Motion to up the guarantee to public corporations to $150 B as “terrorists”.

AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan said he found this most offensive and insulting.

Ramjattan argued that since the Special Select Committee was working on the anti-Money Laundering Bill, and thus preparing legislation to catch terrorists, Ramjattan said it was most regrettable and repugnant that he as a ‘terrorist’ should continue to be an author of this anti-terrorist law.

At a meeting of the Select Committee on the Money Laundering Bill, Carl Greenidge of the major opposition coalition bloc ANPU drew attention to the President’s remarks.

Greenidge, on behalf of the Opposition members urged the Select Committee to pass a Motion to condemn what the President said in public. The Government members namely Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Bishop Juan Edghill sought to deflect the significance of the comment as not being material and relevant to what the Committee was doing and that whatever grievance the Opposition members felt should be taken to another forum.

However, there was a vote on the Motion brought by Greenidge which saw the Opposition members out voting the Government members.

The Chairperson, Gail Teixeira, then argued that the condemnation of the President was unwarranted and ought not to be allowed under the Standing orders.

Ramjattan intervened just after Teixeira and said he will not participate further until the President retracts his description of himself and all the Opposition Parliamentarians as terrorists.

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  • patricia alshabazz

    Guyana continues to have under hand activity in different order of the government and those who seek to bring it to light are persecuted or trodden down . I can see we have another down fall in the Government of Guyana i do”nt know when things in that country will level out it self we need honest character persons. It is a shame i love my country even thou im an American by naturalization.


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