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PPP/C remains optimistic about Hydro Project even after non-support by opposition

shot0002The Peoples Progressive Party is hoping that the Opposition would eventually support them as they seek parliamentary approval on two Bills in order to move forward with the Amaila Falls Hydro project.

The ruling PPP claims that for the Amaila Faills Hydro Electricity Project to be completed, two pieces of legislation must get Parliamentary approval.

These are the Hydro-Electric Power Bill and a Motion aimed at increasing the debt the Government has to guarantee for corporations and companies from $1 billion to $150 Billion dollars. Raising the debt ceiling would favour the power company GPL, which would have to find 100 million US dollars every year to buy the power that would come from the Amaila Falls.

Transport Minister Robson Benn at a press briefing on Monday remained optimistic, even after Thurday’s non-support by the Opposition Parties of the two pieces of legislation. He said his party is still open to widening discussions with A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change.

Housing and Water Minister, Irfaan Alli said the Government has met with the joint opposition on numerous occasions as it relates to the hydro project. He claimed that the Opposition was supplied with all the information requested. As a result, he suggested that the future of the Amaila Falls hydro project is being jeopardized.

The Government continues to say that the Amaila Falls Hyndro Electricity project will produce double the amount of electricity currently being produced by the Guyana Power and Light Company making it cheaper for domestic and corporate use, but they have been unable to show exactly how that will happen.

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