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DPP still to make a decision on trafficking in persons case

shot0007The identified Police Officers who were implicated in the trafficking in persons case are under close arrest after they were accused of raping two of the five victims before they were trafficked into the mining community.

Last Tuesday the 26-year old was able to point out the Policeman that allegedly raped her during an Identification Parade at the Criminal Investigations Department, Eve Leary. The 16-year-old on the other hand was unable to pinpoint her alleged rapist but the two girls did identify the businesswoman as their trafficker.

The 26-year-old who attempted to return to the interior over the weekend for her belongings, since she only came to Georgetown with just the clothes on her back, was stopped at the Bartica Police station and placed under arrest.

The Guyana Women Miners Organization after inquiring about the arrest of the 26-year-old was told that the girl was at the center of an investigation and that she was still needed for further questioning.

The Guyana Government has come under heavy criticism for the way in which cases of trafficking in persons are being dealt with and as a country where enough action is not being taken to address the issue.

Guyana was this year downgraded to the Tier 2 watch list in the United States 2013 Human Trafficking report which the present administration has taken a stand to ignore.

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  • patricia alshabazz

    i am sadden to say that the people who are hired to protect us you cannot even trust them. Guyanese people open up your eyes we no longer in colonialism we are in brighter days but it appears as though you people are powerless what was the sense of receiving freedom from the British when Guyanese are still treated as slave to their voices .I fault our government system no proper ground or system to operate for the people in equality and justice instead it is robbery and thieves God is not dead , he is well alive..

  • Vivienne Dahlstrom

    You are my intake, I have few blogs and rarely run out from to post .


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