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Brickdam lockups to get 40 million dollar upper flat

shot0001Three years after the Brickdam Lockups received a major overhaul as the Government sought to shield itself from the notorious reputation of the facility, the Government is again spending millions, this time, to create more space.

It was announced today by the Government’s Chief Spokesperson, Dr. Roger Luncheon, that $40 million will be spent to build an upper flat at the lockups.

Dr. Luncheon suggested that the construction of an upper flat at the Brickdam lockups was  purely a matter of the need for more space.

Just before the renovations were done in 2010, the Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales, Lord Daniel Brennan recommended that the facility be shut down.

The facilities were once deplorable and were often condemned, and so the renovation was a celebrated event.

Meanwhile, another $37 million have been agreed to by the Government to continue works on the brick prison inside the Georgetown Prisons, and $40 million have been set aside for the construction of a courtyard at the Lusignan Prison.

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