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Motion calling on Gov’t to honour August 21, 2012 Linden agreement passed – 28th Jun 2013

shot0008Thursday’s motion came almost one year following the signing of the agreement and with none of the committees having completed their work.

The motion was presented by Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon. During her presentation, she blamed the Government for not being willing to honour its commitment.

But before the motion was passed the Government complained that the motion was one of cynicism since it came after the report of the Commission of Inquiry was completed and findings made public. Government did not support the motion yesterday and had called for it to be withdrawn.

Opposition MP Basil Williams pointed out that since 1992, the people of the mining town have been marginalised.

He said too that Lindeners continue to face severe socio-economic challenges; including unemployment and that it was the Government’s responsibility to honour their commitment.

The Alliance For Change’s Trevor Williams said that it is not right after nearly a year after the agreement was signed, there is a debate now on the agreement’s implementation. He also recommended that there be reconciliation on all sides.

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  • Olive Godette

    I think that the PPP/C has been given or is given too much of a leeway, as far as I have
    read the PPP/C is paying no heed to what the other parties are speaking about, they
    are doing what they want to do.
    I have noticed where there are so many wrong things that has ben brought up and all they do is to ignore the subject, it seems that Jagdeo is still running the COUNTRY.


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