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Ruling PPP/C gears up for its long-delayed congress – 18th Jun 2013

shot0010The political direction of the Ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic will be a major agenda item when the party meets for its Triennial Congress.

The Congress which is overdue by some two years is expected to be held sometime in August.

Central Executive Member Clement Rohee said the congress will serve to bring other  issues that are affecting the party to the table for discussions.

Rohee stated too, that of critical importance, is a decision on the future of the party  and the composition of those who will be charged to take up the leadership Mantle.

There have been some concerns regarding the position of General Secretary. President Donald Ramotar continues to serve  in that post despite holding the Office of the President.

Some political commentators have stated that President Ramotar should have resigned as General Secretary since since that post is critical, in reaching the masses of the party. One political analyst even suggested that the tasks of the General Secretary cannot be effectively executed, with a schedule of a Head of State and a head of Government, both positions held by Ramotar .

As it relates to the future of former President Bharrat Jagdeo and his role  in the party central executive committee, all Rohee would say on that issue is that there is room for anyone who is  nominated for an executive post.

The votes at the PPP/C congress will be held using secret balloting.

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