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Policeman dies while chasing escapee – 10th Jun 2013

shot0001A chase for a prisoner who escaped from the Prashad Nagar police outpost ended in death of a young policeman who reportedly collapsed in his search of the man.

Dead is 23-year-old Dorwin Pitman of North Road, Georgetown. According to reports the father of two worked the night shift and was about to give the prisoners their meals when the incident occurred.

The Police are reporting that around 7:30 this morning while handing meals to another prisoner, the suspect Akeem Edwards pushed down the rank and ran out of the Outpost.

According to the Police Edwards was in the lock-ups for Possession of Narcotics and was scheduled for court today.

The release added that Pitman was found lying on the ground in the alley-way in North Sophia. He was rushed to the GPHC where he was pronounced DOA.

Persons in the area told this Newscast that the young Policemen stumbled on an illegal connection that was connected to GPL.

The Police quickly notified his relatives who converged at the hospital morgue. His mother told this newscast the disturbing news they received.

The police wasted little time to get to the bottom of the story and when we arrived on the scene investigators were their conducting a probe.

His reputed wife and mother of his two children including a five-month-old baby spoke of the tragic news that was related to them by the Police.

A post-mortem examination is to be performed on the body later this week. Meanwhile the suspect is still on the run.

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