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Yarrowkabra Residents Protest GGMC – 24th May 2013

shot0014Residents of Yarrowkabra today protested in front of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission [GGMC] building, for what they say is the blatant disrespect for the livelihoods of coal burners in the neighbourhood.

According to some of the protesters BK International was granted a lease to commence a sand mining project from the land registry.

But the residents claimed that this project has the potential to destroy their coal mining businesses.

According to a pregnant mother, she is concerned with the proposed sand pit operations. She said the Yarrowkabra community is home to over 1500 residents and an operation like that will affect many lives.

Capitol News understands that while the Land Registry has given BK International the title to a section of land in the area, the Environmental Protection Agency will need to conduct an environmental Impact Assessment before the GGMC issue any licence to mine sand.

But so far the GGMC is still awaiting an official response from the EPA before any official permission can be given.

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