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Alliance For Change defends Budget Cuts – 26th Apr 2013

parliamentThe Alliance For Change is defending its participation in this year’s budget cuts saying that the Government is not handicapped and the money passed can ensure that the Government continues to meet its daily expenses.

The National Assembly on Wednesday night approved the 2013 budget which was reduced to $177.4 billion.

The party’s Leader Khemraj Ramjattan said  the combined opposition has been very reasonable with the “chops”.

The last budget cut occurred on Wednesday, when $19 billion was cut from the allocation for the Low Carbon Development Strategy.
The opposition argued that the money has not yet been approved by the Inter-American Development Bank, but once it is approved, the Government can return to the National Assembly and ask for approval.

The second largest cut was $5.6 billion under the Ministry of Public Works.

However, the party maintains that its actions were justifiable, which is calling for proper accountability and efficiency in the management of the public’s purse.

The opposition had argued that a budget that could have satisfied all could have been presented to the National Assembly if the Government was truly committed to consultation.

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