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Opposition slashes $19 billion from LCDS allocation – 25th Apr 2013


There were several heated exchanges between the Government and the opposition, the opposition wanted clarity and additional details on some of the programmes which fell under the LCD project.

The Alliance for Change MP, Moses Nagamootoo, zeroed in on the Amaila Falls Project and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funding.

He said the AFC will not vote for any ‘blanket cheque’ on any capital project without comprehensive details.

But the Government was not pleased with the AFC’s position. Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh argued that the budget addresses projected income and expenditures for the year which includes the IDB expected funding.

Speaking as an observer Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman said, while the Government continues to stress that several capital projects including the Airports Expansion, the Speciality Hospital and also the Amaila Falls are good for Guyana. The Government failed in their bid to solicit a constructive engagement with the opposition during the preparations of the 2013 estimates.

Trotman said that the Government must recognise that there is a new dispensation in the current session of Parliament and this must be part and parcel of the country’s governance structure.

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