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Brutal stabbing of 14-year-old girl shocks family – 25th Apr 2013

teen stabbedFamily members are reporting that 14-year-old Fenella Samuels was stabbed more than 20 times by her out of control stepfather. According to the girl’s mother, Mildred Josiah, her husband went berserk when the young lady accused him of sexually molesting her.

The woman said the argument started after a male person contacted the family over the return of a cellular phone that the young lady was using.

According to Josiah, her husband was having a few drinks at the time and proceeded to lock the doors of the home and threaten to kill all the occupants. She said she was standing between the two as a peacemaker. She was also injured during the altercation.

Over at the Vreed-En-hoop Secondary School where Samuels attended her friends and teachers were still in shock at her sudden demise.

Her friends said she was in her typical joyful mood all day yesterday at school and they never expected to be greeted with this shocking news.

The suspect reportedly made contact with the family today and threaten to kill one of his wife’s sisters. He was still on the run up to news time.

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